Saturday, 20 August 2011


The beauty of Pakistan is famous in all over the World. You will see a great difference between the girls of Pakistan and rest of the world. They are more attractive and charming as compared to others. Whereas, the Girls of Islamabad has a unique status in Pakistan. It is commonly believed that these girls are more educated, stylish and modern because they are living in the capital of Pakistan and they have more opportunities and awareness.
Here in Islamabad you will find girls of all kind i.e. sindhi girls, punjabi girls, pathan girls, kashmiri girls, baloch girls etc. I have personal experience because I was in Islamabad in years 2007 to 2009. I have noticed that these mixture of girls have same style of dressing and fashion. As compared to rest of the Pakistan girls, Islamabad girls are more higher educated. You will find a large number of universities in Islamabad  
In the following pictures you can see that how much these Islamabad girls are beautiful. People from all over the Pakistan find girls of Islamabad for marriage because they perceive that these girls are more modern so they can help them economically yand socially. besides this they fell that these girls can care their child more as compare to uneducated girls.   
Following are pictures of beautiful Islamabad girls..... enjoy 


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